Tap 2 It

"Tap 2 It" - Summerlin Dance Academy

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
Category: Tap
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#6 nice
at the beginning the cannon was great,it was awesome.well I got to run
#5 AWSOME!!!!!
THAT WAS SO AWSOME!!!! it must have been hard work to learn ans to stay together the whole time. i would love to do something like that. GOOD JOB!!!♥
#4 good job
Hey guys good job, who choreographed this number? Very much tap doggish in style and noticed a few of the same combos but good job no the less!
#3 sweeeeeeeet.
for one of my competition numbers this year we are doing a part with no music. and trust me. i know how hard it is. this must have taken tons of dedication and teamwork to bring this together. you guys are all really talented.
#2 WOW
This is amazing! I love how u respected that art of tap and trully showed what tap is all about! The diff rythmns are sweet! you guys are extreamly good, i love watching u guys dance! Keep it up! Thank you for sharing!

#1 i like it
i like this dance alot because ui love tap alot its my favorite kind of dance.
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