BeeHave a video dance-drama

This season Overground Physical Theater Company has teamed up with all bees in the world to create an arresting work of dance, video and theater that offers words of wisdom directly from the hive and helps us rethink our personal choices so we can honor the planet. Ultra-contemporary choreography, holographic video associations, absurd narrative and urban ritual weave a multidimensional tapestry of evocative text, moving sound, and captivating image to create a hybrid work that transcends the post-modern and ushers into the spectacle of “Hyper-mediacy”. Conceived by: Ana Atanassova Written & directed by: Antonia Katrandjieva Choreographed by: Antonia Katrandjieva & Valentina Priolo Performed by/ Choreographic Collaboration: Gessica Paperini, Motoko Tadano, Richard Scandola & Valentina Priolo Video design by: Ana Atanassova & Kalin Ivanov Video Performance by: Bisan Toron Fire Dance & Live Body Installation: Evgeniya Radilova Music by: Emilio Garzon & Xana Bel Costumes by: Hristina Hristova

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Category: Modern
Keywords: contemporary dance, dance-theatre
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