CALO FLAMENCO: Ballet de Martin Gaxiola

CALO FLAMENCO: Ballet de Martin Gaxiola is the rising star in the U.S. flamenco scene. Following the traditional themes and elements of this folk art form, CALO FLAMENCO’s unique and entertaining presentation style has gained critical acclaim from the press and audience members alike. This electrifying dance and music ensemble will arouse the passion of the human heart in a brilliant display that only flamenco can deliver.

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 84
390 points


#45 Calo
This is the most beautiful dancing I have ever witnessed. My mother used to dance with Bernadette and she is fantastic. I love the energy and passion that all these flamenco dancers have. Go and watch a concert. You won't regret it.
#44 WOW!!!
Such a great company - dancers, costumes, music!! If you haven't seen them you have to. Be sure to catch one of Martin's solos. He one of the best anywhere.
#43 Powerful
Beautiful choreography
#42 I like it !
very refreshing !
#41 pick me please!
I love you guys! I love the choreography, I love the dancing, I love the people. My dream is to one day dance with Calo flamenco. you guys deserve this so much.

#40 Elegantly Beautiful!
This polished and tight company has very talented artists! Truly an excellent Company, they are very generous with their Arte! I saw them when they performed in New York City's Museo del Barrio in September 2008. I enjoyed their show very much. The music was precious and the dancing was exquisite! Congratuations and excellent work.I look forward to seeing more Calo Flamenco.
#39 Ole!
Excellent performance from Calo! I can't wait to see more!
#38 Spectacular
Best Flamenco Company around!!
#37 Calo
Truly Amazing!!
#36 Freakin' Awesome!
I'm FLOORED!!! This group shreds!

#35 Great choreography
I love the great use of movement which covers the whole stage. Wonderful!
#34 Phenomenal!
Really quite breath-taking!
#33 AY QUE CALO!!!!
#32 Beyond amazing
What an honor to view these few minutes - each and every one was together with one voice...look forward to seeing you again at Chandler Center for the Arts!
#31 Dynamite!
Gaxiola's choreography is extraordinary, and he is a charismatic, talented performer. The company is passionate and polished. World-class flamenco!

#30 beautiful!
I always love this group!
#29 Inspiring to watch
Looking forward to enjoying them in person. Real passion from the entire group of dancers and musicians. Congratulations
#28 Mesmerizing!!!
Any opportunity to see their performance - take it! Vocals, Dance, Energy - this group has it all!!!
#27 Ole
Beautiful performance!
#26 Terrific!
Great performance and great costumes. So much energy. Congratulations!

#25 Calo
#24 Calo Flamenco
Terrific, dynamic, amazing. A great video and a great company.
#23 Que toma...
Wow ! Thank you, watching your video is probably the best moment I spent today... GO ON...
#22 BRAVO!
An incredibly precise intricate piece of choreography and executed brilliantly. Amazing to watch!
#21 Looking Good!
Lovely as always, Martin! Can't wait to see what's next!

#20 Viva el flamenco
i really enjoy watching your dance especially Martin Gaxiola moves,keept it up,and god bless you all.
Inspiring work and discipline that shows on stage, great job! OLE CALO FLAMENCO!!
#18 Outstanding!!!!
What an amazing company! The music and movement are so compelling, powerful and intense. This video leaves me wanting more!
#17 THIS IS HOT!!!
Calo Flamenco is ON FIRE!!!! I can't get enough of them! They're so AMAZINGLY beautiful to watch. The music will definitely haunt you and will make your body move. Every step makes my heart beat faster. Just beautiful!!!!
I get goosebumps watching this video. I just love it! They have so much energy, passion, musicality, and a wonderful technique and precision in their dancing. The music is awesome as well.

#15 Calo
i can't put into words the amount of insparation i glean from Calo! Phoenix is lucky to have world class flamencos to call our own!!
#14 Awesome
There is so much passion, talent and excitement in Calo Flamenco, that you never want the performance to end. Absolutely awesome!
#13 Powerful!
I've seen one of their shows and I was blown away! Can't wait to see them again!
#12 Inspiring
Just takes my breath away! Precisely executed with such passion by the dancers and the musicians!
#11 fantastic
It's a great show. I like the footsteps so much!

#10 Bravo
This is definitely a modern twist to an old art form, I have never seen anything like this before. A big Ole to the director musicians and dancers. Who does their costumes?
#9 Energy!!
This group has a force that is truly contagious!!!
#8 Ole!!!
Great performance.
#7 absolutely wonderful!
This group never ceases to amaze me. Each performance is better than the next. Can't wait to see them again!
#6 Ole!
What a great company! Their dynamic, fluid, and passionate! What more can you ask for! It is as if you are transported on the stage with them and can feel what they feel!

#5 Phenomenal!
Wow! I have seen a LOT of flamenco and I am floored by this group! Fresh, new and i could watch this over and over. Congratulations CALO FLAMENCO!
#4 Holy Mole!!!
Wow!!! Great costumes, polished performance, and great music. Super pro.....
#3 dynamic...
I love watching this group. I'm dying to know where they are performing live. It must be amazing to experience this in person!
#2 WOW!
This choreography is complex and so beautifully executed. The movement ebbed and flowed with the music - and how about that music! Congratulations to Calo Flamenco for this inspiring performance. I can't wait to see more!
#1 Amazing!
So passionate! Everyone moves in such great unison, and the musicians are spectacular as well!
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