This experiment was about asking what would [happen] [be the end-product] of a video choreography guided more by somatic experience and less by a pre-planned structure. By applying a somatic viewpoint to the making this video choreography, I challenged the comfort of conventional story boarding, videotaping and editing. For example, the story boarding process was based on building an image instead of creating a shoot sequince. In the middle of one videotaping session, I decided to include the equipment that was already in the room as part of the environment of the piece. This included a variety of monitors and motion capture cameras. The editing process yielded its own narrative. The name of the piece is the phonetic spelling of the name "Ian," which was a runner-up baby name for the baby boy I was expecting while working on this piece. This work was created in collaboration with my colleagues Marc, Marci, Summer and Anaelle. Produced by Natalia Valerdi/The ION Projekt.

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Keywords: modern somatics experimental choregraphy dance-for-film gesture
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