Kira's CARMEN (The Card Song)

"ARIAS & ARABESQUES" was the name award-winning dancer/choreographer Kira Seamon gave to her unique concept of combining live opera with ballet in a concert setting!!!...Hughly popular with a cross-over audience, "ARIAS & ARABESQUES" was developed by Kira further to include more singers and a larger cast...Eventually, her A & A concerts numbered more than 20 in the cast. In the eponymous opera, CARMEN reads her fortune from a deck of cards. Kira incorporated a deck of cards in her choreography. The centerpiece of the choreography is in the latter half of the dance when Kira sprinkles cards along the perimeter of the performance space. She becomes "hemmed in" and unable to escape her destiny when she dances again within the new perimeter. She also isn't in control of her fste, which Kira symbolized when she tossed the cards in the air and had them rain down on her. Finally, she rejects one-by-one the cards until she is only left with one. Her destiny. This section of the dance was considered to be very dramatic and powerful in the performance. She received much good feedback from the audience afterwards. One especially excited person commented to Kira that she looked like: "ISADORA DUNCAN in a drawing room". When asked to elaborate, they explained they weren't comparing dance styles but commenting on performance impact. Choreography, dancing, graphic design, costume design and concept by Kira Seamon.

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