"Urban Tradition"

Urban Tradition is a mix of traditional Indonesian movements with contemporary spirits and emotions. Urban Tradition strives to be aesthetically pleasing, entertaining, but meaningful and provoking at the same time. By combining gestures and postures of traditional dances from the many different cultures in Indonesia with contemporary techniques and skills, Urban Tradition becomes a vessel of communication that emulates the Indonesian messages in its dances. As a genre, Urban Tradition will showcase poses and hand shapes that are often found in traditional dancing in Indonesia, rife with its symbolisms and meanings. This genre allows Indonesian dancers to portray and speak their messages in a form that is natural and familiar to them while challenging their messages to be understood visually by a foreign audience. Those traditional poses and shapes are then incorporated into a larger piece by using contemporary and modern techniques from jazz, ballet, and contemporary itself. These pieces create a performance that is uniquely Indonesian in spirit while conveying a larger universal message for the audience.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Modern
Keywords: Urban Tradition Gigi Dance Company
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