"creature" preview - Kimmie Dobbs Chan/DEVIATED THEATRE

DEVIATED THEATRE performs a work in progress which will develop into an evening length work. Post-apocalypse, humanity splinters into a panoply of characters--both born and made, quadrupedal and bipedal. DEVIATED THEATRE Co-Artistic Directors: Kimmie Dobbs Chan & Enoch Chan; Choreographer: Kimmie Dobbs Chan; Costumes: Andy Christ; Music: Haunted Days/Witch's Teat; Dancers: Jen Mihu, Dana Lokitis, Catherine David, Lauren Marsden, Kelly Trevlyn, Kate Page, Terra Bergamy, Emily Rodriguez, Tori Bertocci, Lara Friedman, Ryan Tumulty.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 64
310 points


#15 Intriguing....
My wife and I have been to other performances of DT, and I have to say that they're quite imaginative. We're looking forward to seeing this new work.
#14 Amazing!
Hauntingly beautiful work. Incredible combination of movement, music, lighting and props... Cannot wait to see the performance in full!
#13 Incredible!
beautiful dancing and choreography!
#12 deviated theater is bad ass
very engaging...can't wait to see it live!
#11 Wild and Wonderful!
Fantastic choreography, awesome costumes, shot beautifully! Deviated Theatre consistently creates really spectacular movement pieces with excellent design in all aspects. Congrats Kimmie & Enoch!

#10 Creature-Deviated Theatre
Wow. A chilling, collective infestation. I've watched this several times now and am fascinated by the choreography.
#9 Deviated Theatre's "creature"
Brilliant! The dancers, music, and lighting create a whole scene that feels organic and relatable to our animalistic mind- yet surprisingly in an other-wordly way. Bravo to these dancers for their precision, and fierce energy, through this beautifully intricate choreography.
#8 Stunning piece
The music, costuming and especially movement vocabulary and choreography create another world...quirky, alien, futuristic, intriguing.
#7 Deviated Theater's Creature
Very creative, primal and exotic at the same time and well choreographed
#6 creature - deviated theatre
wow -- this is primal and exotic all in one -- who even KNEW that was possible? daring choreography. elegant score. bravo.

#5 Super Creative "Creature"
Excellent piece. Very creative choreography, staging and costume takes modern dance to a unique and compelling place. More please.
#4 Deviated Theater's "Creature"
What I enjoy most about a Deviated Theater production is the professionalism, authenticity, imagination and creativity as a team that this company brings to the stage, oftentimes creating an otherworldly fictional setting for us to view as the performance experience unfolds moment by moment. "Creature" shows off all of these qualities about the company. Cool stuff!
#3 creature by deviated theatre
amazing work! love everything about it!
#2 Excellent!
Great to see such a exciting mix of classical and modern styles. Love it.
#1 Creature w/ Deviated Theatre
Love it! It gives me chills...the choreography is so unique and intricate
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