"Connections" is a piece choreographed by Jonathan Breton in 2014. Here is a 5 minutes except. About the piece : "Connections" is a piece quite inspired by the novel "Une Vie", of the famous French author Maupassant ; how does a life get in touch with other ones and get inspired, moved, changed, by these experiences. This piece is exploring the connections between people, the transformation that occurs in oneself after having met this or that person, or after having faced such and such experience. How does a life can even merge with someone's else life, what does it involve ? What is the nature and the complexity, even the inexplicable of the power of souls, lifes, events, merging together to create something new and most of the time beyond understanding? And what happens if this merging does not last? How do we live through this new change? How do we keep on going after a loss, a lack of something, and toward which new merging can this lead us?

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Performance
Keywords: azoth connections ballet graham contemporary emotion
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