Lady Sings the Blues

Choreography: Alexandra DeLory Music: Lady Sings the Blues Artist: Regina Spektor Dancers: Taylor, Shauna, Jamie, Kaitlin, Victoria, Katerini, Cassandra.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Performance
Keywords: Dance, Choreography, Alexandra DeLory, Lyrical, Contemporary,
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 62
299 points


#22 Lady sings the blues !
A beautiful piece, well put together, lovely work. The dancer"s executed perfectly.
#21 Lady Sings the Blues
Captivating choreography danced with such passion! Love it, well done.
#20 Lady Sings The Blues
Beautiful! Amazing work!
#19 Lady Sings The Blues
Beautiful choreography and talented dancers!
#18 BRAVO!
Beautiful dance Alex good luck!

#17 unforgettable
Beautiful work! What an elegant and engrossing piece that captures the allure and enduring beauty of it's Era.
#16 lady sings the blues
this is the whole reason why i love dance, love when you are my teacher!
#15 Lady Sings the Blues
Beautiful!! Love it!!!
#14 Lady Sings the Blues
Amazing work Alex! Stunning Choreography!!!!
#13 Wow!
The pictures and staging of this piece are just indescribable. What a story they tell! Absolutely love it.

#12 Lady Sings the Blues
A beautiful presentation.
#11 Lady sings the blues
I am amazed how you outdo yourself time and time again you are fantastic choreographer keep up the great work
#10 #10 Lady Sings the Blues
Creative and beautiful! Love the music and the choreography!
#9 Lady sings the blues
So graceful.
#8 dazzling
I had to watch it twice! Pulled at my heartstrings...reminded me of a time......loved it!

#7 dazzling
I had to watch it twice! Pulled at my heartstrings...reminded me of a time......loved it!
#6 Lady Sings The Blues
well done!
#5 Lady Sings The Blues
danced with passion, choreographed with passion a wonderful piece of choreography! definitely a winner!
#4 Lady Sings the Blues
Beautiful choreo. Beautiful dancers.
#3 Lady Sings the Blues
Absolutely beautiful!!

#2 Lady Sings the Blues
Mesmerizing & captivating… you brought me to a smoke filled lounge back in the 60’s..awesome creation of atmosphere. Great work Alex!
#1 Beautiful
So elegant, love it.
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