"aGaIn fOr tHe fIrSt tImE"

"aGaIn fOr tHe fIrSt tImE" Is about renewing our perceptions of first experiences in life: love, danger, touch, happiness, trust, freedom, etc. It reveals how we should cherish all of our human connections & interactions, honoring how our unique experiences in life create a wondrously beautiful puzzle that intertwines our existence provoking harmony & balance. Performed by ORLANDO BALLET

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 37
172 points


#10 Abdurrahim Jackson
Really enjoyed the meaning and movements that flowed together!
#9 Bravo Abdur-Rahim!!!
This beautiful, innovative work makes me think of water colors, paint and smoke coming alive. I love the music and changes in quality and tone in different sections.
#8 #Abdur Rahim Jackson
Beautiful images! Abdur you are amazing...
#7 Abdur
#6 abdur-rahim jackson

#5 Wonderful.
#4 WOW
What a beautiful piece!!!
#3 Great work
Abdur, this is an awesome work . It is a mosaic depicting feelings, perceptions, life.
#2 Abdur
#1 Abdur Rahim Jackson
Abdur is one of the greatest choreographers of modern day dance.
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