Jump, Jive, And Wail By: Katie

This is a solo performed at the Showstoppers American Dance Championships. It won Platinum 1st Place for it age group and 5th place out of 29 other dances. Constructive Criticism only PLEASE!!!!!

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#5 okay.....
your energy was good but the dance seemed to go on and on.At first the number was a bit flat but you jazzed it up.I loved the expressions but they seemed a bit forced.shake it up a bit and act suprised,happy,do different things.practice!!!!
#4 Help
Hi I think you need to work on your arms cause they look like your flying. Your sounds are good but they aren't connected
#3 great facials
great job on your facials. i think that there were alot of draw backs but very pretty cotume! a couple things you should work on: sounds they sound a little flat, on the toe stand slide in the beginning just really make sure you get over the toes on the shoe and it's not flat, spot your turns sharper, make shoulder movements sharper on the (flap heel spank toe combo) but great effort and keep working
#2 I loved your solo!
Your solo was awesome! You had great energy and facial expressions. You definitely deserved 1st place in your age group!
#1 No Jumping on this end....
Very good facial expression, just need to change up the smile a bit. Constructive Critisim: the dancer needs to learn how to connect tap steps, what little of them are in the routine, she needs to watch her hands, they flop about without a specific movement for them. (Did you realize you added several numbers,hopefully were not yours 'cause I can't say a good thing about them)
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