Memoirs of a Dancer

Choreographed and performed by Kira Seamon during COLLECTIONS, a dance concert she produced in Cambridge, Ma at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center on Sept. 12th 2008. The music is from Memoirs of a Geisha and is performed by Yo-Yo Ma and Itzahk Perlman. This dance was also mentored and performed at the Julie Ince Theatre through the Shared Choreographers’ Concert run by the Dance Complex in Cambridge, Ma.

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#12 Thank you for this comment!
mean much? by dancrluhv at 01:25PM on January 19, 2009 why are some of you being so mean?? i thought this was great! this music is also so beautiful to dance to! good job! (posted on Sept 29th Ciao, baby video)
#11 Thank you for this comment!
some peeple needs to stop by amazing_girl at 06:01PM on February 22, 2009 when i agreed to having an account i remember promising to not post anything degrating and you sure arent following the rule they are beautiful and constructive critisism is one thing but that is crossing the line (posted on Ciao, Baby September 29th video)
#10 MALICIOUS postings
There are more malicious postings with insults, lies, slander, harassment and vulgar intent..It is amazing that something as innocent as a dance performance can bring out such vitriol and rage... While Goosebump thanks the other complementary posters, however, goosebump is unrelated to plie, fouette and effortless...The implication is slanderous and clearly these malicious postings come from an angry and aggressive source.
#9 Riveting Performance
It is a tribute to the choreographer's talent to be able to choreograph to music that frequently combines traditional Japanese Instruments with Temple Bells (all without clearly defined or changeable rhythms..Clearly she is very creative and innovative!
#8 My infant is more talented.
Now I get it... goosebump=plie=fouette=effortless. Way to comment on all your own videos. That's seriously disturbing and you are WAAAAAAAY delusional.

This is absolutely beautiful dancing and choreography..You are really gifted!!
#6 Joke again?
Okay how old are you 47??? My mom looks younger and could dance better and she just watches my classes. Don't you have another hobby? Who is coming to your shows? They must be batshit crazy in Cambridge MA!
#5 Memoirs of a Dancer
She is a physically breathtaking and stunning performer with extremely imaginative choreography.
#4 Okay...
I guess everyone who's rated this so far is friends with this performer? I'm not trying to be rude, but her technique is seriously questionable, her transitions are stilted, and the performance is amateurish at best. I'd love to know from which "International Performing Arts Competition" she received awards... I have 15+ years of professional dance experience and have been a dance educator for about 10. Sorry, but I don't see it.
#3 Memoirs of a Dancer
I attended her concert in Cambridge and everyone was holding their breath as she danced..She was truly BREATHTAKING!

#2 Memoirs of a Dancer
She actually received 2 awards (including a platinum award!) at an International Performing Arts Competition! She also received a SPECIAL award from one of the judges who is a ROCKETTE! The award was for her "TERRIFIC TIMING!"
#1 Memoirs of a Dancer
I think this original choreography is AWESOME!!
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