A piece dedicated to honoring the presence of your own beauty. The idea that no matter where you are in life, you are meant to be there, and you are beautiful. Even in moments of doubt, those too are beautiful and we are meant to be present through them all.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Performance
Keywords: Presence Jacob Montoya
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 166
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#36 Presence by Jake
Beautiful, but of course, so are you. Love you, Kathye
#35 Presence by Jake
Beautiful, but of course, so are you. Love you, Kathye
#34 Wow!
Loved everythjing about this piece....
#33 Beautiful
Great work Jake!
#32 Well Done
Gorgeous work from Jacob Montoya as always! You inspire me.

#31 captivating
Inspiring and I couldn't take my eyes off of it at all ! great job !!
#30 Presence
Amazing! Very inspirational and his passion for dance truly shows in his choreography. I am personally truly blessed to be able to train with Jacob Montoya and I have improved so much with him.
#29 Er mah grd!
That was lovely.
#28 So talented
Jacob is such a talented and brilliant artist. Each time I see a piece of his work I am amazed at his creativity!
#27 Presence
Very cool, inspiring and moving. The music and the moves synchronized perfectly. Thanks Jacob!

#26 Beautiful...
Absolutely beautiful Jacob!!
#25 Presence is unique
It's like no other.
#24 Presence by Jake Montoya
Fantastic Choreography! This awesome & powerful piece exudes beauty & strength by these young women! I'm just Awe Struck!
#23 The Best
That was a really inspiring piece. Jacob Montoya always put in 110% into his work and I see the way he inspires the kids he teaches and how he truly makes a difference in everything he does.
#22 love it!
Great to see young women looking so strong and powerful! Teriffic choreography!

I LOVE IT! Both the intensity and power behind the movement is done beautifully.
#20 WOW!!
Absolutely beautiful!!
#19 video
Great representation of the human spirit..Gorgeously done..Great Job Jake :)
#18 video
Great representation of the human spirit..Gorgeously done..Great Job Jake :)
#17 Presence
Beautiful representation of individual beauty!

#16 Presence
A powerful piece in the perfect time in the world for it.
#15 Unique and interesting
Beautiful choreography full of breath and beauty!
#14 Loved this
Great dance. I was really moved by the concept of individuality and how the idea of the influence of just being yourself was reflected in the cascading movements that eventually all synced up
#13 Presence
Absolutely brilliant an inspiring work!!! Jacob is an amazing Choreograher! Stephanie
#12 Stunning!
Jacob's work is brilliant. Bravo on this masterpiece!

#11 presence jacob montoya
jake is a force to be reckoned with and a beautiful presence in the arts community
#10 Presence
Beautiful work Jake!!
#9 In awe...
Such a beautiful piece of art!!
#8 Presence
Yes Jake,I truly believe we are where God wants use to be and that is beautiful. Awesome piece of work!
#7 Wonderful
Great piece Mr.Jake!

#6 Absolutely Stunning!
Jacob is such an amazingly talented choreographer & these dancers execute his moves with such grace!
#5 Incredible.
Beautiful and full of life. Jacob is one of the most talented dancers and choreographers I know. His passion and heart breath life into all his pieces - whether he is in them or not. So inspirational and beautiful. Thank you Jacob for sharing!
#4 Presence
Powerful choreography!! Love it!!
#3 Presence
Thank you for sharing this video Jacob. As always, your work is so inspired and beautiful!
#2 Yes. Amazing
Truly inspiring work. Thank you Jacob for sharing this very talented work. So much beauty!

#1 Amazing!
Jacob Montoya is not only one of the hardest workers I have ever met, he is also one of the most passionate men about his work. His pieces are always amazing and he takes the perfection of his craft very seriously. A choreographer such as him would make the most of this opportunity and I know something beautiful would come of this.
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