Dance in the Time of Cholera

Danced by Kira Seamon and Tim Read during the Sept.12th 2008 concert, COLLECTIONS, produced by Kira Seamon @ Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, Ma. She performed her own original choreography. Music is from Love in the Time of Cholera and is performed by Shakira.

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mean much? by dancrluhv at 01:25PM on January 19, 2009 why are some of you being so mean?? i thought this was great! this music is also so beautiful to dance to! good job! (posted on Sept 29th Ciao, baby video)
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some peeple needs to stop by amazing_girl at 06:01PM on February 22, 2009 when i agreed to having an account i remember promising to not post anything degrating and you sure arent following the rule they are beautiful and constructive critisism is one thing but that is crossing the line (posted on Ciao, Baby September 29th video)
#4 MALICIOUS postings
There are more malicious postings with insults, lies, slander, harassment and vulgar intent..It is amazing that something as innocent as a dance performance can bring out such vitriol and rage.
Beautiful dancing and a beautiful dancer.
Any dance competition that gave this an award should be disbanded IMMEDIATELY. Which one was it? Were there other entrants? Did it take place in your own mind, by any chance? Just sayin...

#1 Dance in the Time of Cholera
She actually won 2 awards (including a platinum award!) for this along with the overall title and trophy in an International Performing Arts Competition! She also competed in this Competition with "Memoirs of a Dancer" and also won awards and is posted @ dancemedia.com
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