Ciao, baby!

Performed by Kira Seamon and Tim Read during COLLECTIONS, the concert Kira produced @ the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, in Cambridge, Ma on Sept.12th 2008. She performed her own original choreography. Music is “Time to say Goodbye” and is performed by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

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#10 some peeple needs to stop
when i agreed to having an account i remember promising to not post anything degrating and you sure arent following the rule they are beautiful and constructive critisism is one thing but that is crossing the line
#9 Thank you
I'm glad you enjoyed it...It was a blast performing it and the audience liked it too..
#8 mean much?
why are some of you being so mean?? i thought this was great! this music is also so beautiful to dance to! good job!
#7 MALICIOUS postings
There are more malicious postings with insults, slander, lies, harassment and vulgar intent..It is amazing that something as innocent as a dance performance can bring out such vitriol and rage...While Goosebump thanks the other complementary postings, however, goosebump is unrelated to plie, fouette, and effortless...The implications are slanderous and clearly these malicious postings come from an angry and aggressive source.
#6 Enjoyable performance!!1
Energized performance is charming and enjoyable!

#5 Please stop.
Dear plie/effortless/goosebump/fouette: Seek help immediately, both for your lack of technical skill and your delusional mind.
Beautiful job!!
#3 Ciao,Baby!
Her long lines and slender body type are fantastic for creating beautiful shapes in space. Her imaginative choreography was highly appreciated by the audience who commented enthusiastically on the fantastic rapport the partners share!
#2 Yikes.
Someone needs to teach her how to walk properly. The basic fundamentals of technique are completely absent here, and I see little to no relationship between the partners. There is no support in port de bras from her back, which is CRUCIAL to partnering. Who is rating these videos??
#1 Ciao, baby!
I was in the audience @ Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center and they were ON FIRE!!! You can see the fantastic rapport they have and everyone commented on how much they enjoy dancing with each other!
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