Courtin' time

This is one of our STRONGEST groups at the studio. Their first time performing this dance. and Deff not their best time! I've seen WAY better performances from them then this!! :)

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#4 tapper2 is rude
ok if you think you guys are so great then why dont you do the same rutine with your 5-7 year olds and tape them preforming it for the first time k then we will see who does the talking and if you didnt read the thing the older groups just dont have as many girl jeesh
#3 really good
this is really good. we have a class at our school like them, but our group does really really fast stuff. even as a first performance this was good, and first performances usually aren't
#2 WELLL....
first off, it was their first time ever doing this. They got high scores at EVERY one of our competitions that they went to. They took overall high score at IDC. If I can get that video on here, i GUARANTEE that you will change your mind on this dance. I've never heard ONE bad comment on this dance EVER!! they are the strongest group in tap I have ever seen. Our studio is not young, our older girls are just not as large as a group as this.This dance is also difficult, many diff rhythms.
#1 I'll be the first....
These kids did a great job if this was really their first time preforming this dance. It was a very simple routine, nothing challenging to it whatsoever, that number would be for our 5-7 year olds. But at least the girls were together almost all the time, except the toe stands. Must have a young studio if this is your strongest group, which would explain the young choreography.
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