Choreographed by Hilary Pawlik & Ashley Yano

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 49
225 points


#16 Loved it!
So beautiful! Incredibly talented.
#15 Bully
Great piece. Good luck to the choreographers and dancers.
#14 Bully
#13 Made me cry!
This piece is so beautiful. Bravo to choreographer and performers! Stunning.
#12 Bully
So expressive...such feeling!,

#11 Stunning!
Bully is such a gorgeous piece that communicates such a powerful issue. Great job!
#10 Bully
Nice work girls!
#9 Bully
Brilliantly choreographed and perfectly executed.
#8 Bully
Powerful message - powerful performance. Thank you choreographers and dancers for this truly amazing piece!
#7 Bully is haunting
Very relevant piece, great choreography and strong performances.

#6 Bully
Brilliant choreography and so amazingly performed. Moved to tears.
#5 Moving!!
Beautifully choreographed and performed - with feeling and insight.
#4 Chills
It's impossible to watch this and not be moved!
#3 Bully
This very relevant piece is so beautifully choreographed and danced that it brings me to tears.
#2 So Touching
Amazing! Beautiful! Wow!

#1 Bully is amazing
Bully is a socially relevant and highly emotional piece! Loved it!
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