100 Proof

Choreography by Caleb Teicher Danced by Elizabeth Burke, Macy Sullivan, Caleb Teicher, and Ryan Vandenboom. Music: Amy Winehouse, Fred Astaire, and District 78. Performed at Cielo (NYC) as part of BC Beat on November 11th, 2013. BC Beat Creative Director Jennifer Jancuska BC Beat Sponsors | LaDuca Shoes, Broadway Connection, Michael Cummo Photography, Suz Roach Design BC Beat Stage Manager | Emily Hayes

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 12
51 points


#6 100 Proof Caleb Teicher
Smooth as the title of the piece. Very creative and entertaining. The choreography fits the music like a glove. Caleb is a very talented dancer and a joy to watch. Looking forward to seeing more of his creations The GittGang April 29, 2014
#5 crossing the boundaries
A refreshing use of incredible tap dance technique to share a character and a story. Jazz tap is so rarely explored as a story-telling medium. This piece presents great technical facility, great persona, and great soul but also crosses the lines, re-imagining what tap dance can do and be. Really fantastic!
#4 100 Proof/ Caleb Teicher
Wonderful interpretation of the music selected with beautiful technique, innovative expression and just the right amount of humor. Love this - kudos to Caleb Teicher! by Marie Claire
#3 100 proof
Full of wit, musicality and a gift for telling a story. Rare at any time, but particularly now. Generous to his fellow dancers and slyly sexy, yet with a charming innocence. And none of the choreography is predictable, there are always delightful surprises.
#2 100 Proof/ Caleb Teicher
"Bravo" I wish I had seen this in person. This performance is just wonderful. I hope to see more of Caleb and his dancing soon!

#1 very talented
Caleb is a very talented dancer and choreographer!
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