FUGA - The Beginning of a Journey

Capoeira was the voice of the Brazilian slave's independency, representing hope and the struggles of survival for the achievement of freedom. "Fuga" creates the union of tap dance and the powerful rhythm of this Brazilian art form. Composer: Berimbau by Baden Powell & Lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes Concept and choreography by Felipe Galganni. Dancers: Felipe Galganni, Alexander Mc Donald, Carson Murphy, Jennifer Salazar, Nicole Ohr & Samara Selingsohn. Capoeiristas: Michelle K Pfriender & Aby Thuo. Special thanks to Tony Waag, Carly Levi, Denis K and Amanda Negrini. NYC - 2014.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014
Category: Tap
Keywords: Tap Dancer Capoeira Felipe Galganni Tap
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Overall rating: 4.8
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#13 That's Tap DANCE
Felipe brings back the dance to tap dance. I love that he incorporates his background, history and tradition to the artform and creates his own language and expression. Very authentic, powerful and at the same time light and precious. Both, as a person and dancer/choreographer, Felipe is a giver and with his dance he talks right to my heart. Beautiful work!!! Very inspiring!!!
#12 OMG
I just find out that he teaches at Steps!!!!!!
#11 Genius!!!
Lately I have been watching a lot of tap pieces from different tap choreographers and it's very interesting the choices that this particular choreographer made. Telling a story... And what beautiful story! So intense that took me to another place. I would love to see it live and find out what is going to happen next! I love how capoeira and tap dance connected during the whole piece. Such an amazing musicality! Congrats to the choreographer and the group! "
#10 just beautiful
What a way to bring together two incredible art forms and create an inspiration, deeply cultural and moving piece :)
#9 In awe
Watching this just leaves me wanting so much more. Everything is on point. I feel so much culture and power in just the short amount of minutes I watched. I can only image what Felipe and his supertalented dancers can bring to a whole show. Goodluck and thanks for smile this choreography put on my face!

#8 Amazing!
Very original , eclectic and inspiring!! Thumbs up to the dancers and the choreo!!!
#7 Fuga
There is a reason I chose this number as the finale for my production of Rhythm in Motion! It was clean, uplifting, pure and magical!
#6 Go Felipe
Felipe is by far the best one there
#5 Simply amazing!
Great job and thumbs up to the choreographer ! A very dynamic and inspiring piece, love it!
#4 #thats simply awesome
Very authentic and perfectly choreographed. Everything is detailed-starting with music,costumes,hair... Beautiful combo of music,choreography and energy.

#3 #thats simply awesome
Very authentic and perfectly choreographed. Everything is detailed-starting with music,costumes,hair... Beautiful combo of music,choreography and energy.
#2 So Inspiring!
This piece brings us to a phenomenal feeling of cultural power and grace, with awesome dynamics and style it's pure and inspiring, mixing an amazing tune and rhythm! Looking forward to see more from this great artist and choreographer!!! Congratulations.
#1 Love this dance
Beautiful counterpoint and staging. Great to see a dance that is evocative of the choreographer's country of origin. This choreographer shows great promise in a dance form that is ready to take on a wider audience!
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