Amanda Viereck Tap Solo

Amanda Viereck, the 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search winner, debuts her new tap solo to "Let Go" by Frou Frou.

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#9 practice
your dance was great but what was with the arms? they were everywhere and I got confused.the face was okay but you looked like you were in pain!try to keep your arms by your sies at first and then do the arms,as for the face,it gets better if you just smile and later add expressions also keep practicing
#8 Keep Dancing!
I read about your chronic illness in the magazine and its good to see that you dont give into it. KEEP ON DANCING AMANDA!
#7 U WON!
I saw your video online for the 08 cover model search and loved it! I have never really taken tap but you make it look a lot of fun. I think I might try it. Congrats on winning the cover.
I saw you on the cover of Dance Spirit and I was so excited that a tapper won! There are so few videos of tappers in these contests, you would think that all the tappers would be supportive of eachother's efforts. I voted for you...and not because you are cute :)
#5 honestly....
Sorry, but with 19+ years dance experience, I can say, I honestly can't see the vision, the end, anything... Song didn't match with the steps, wrong song in general for tapping (and yes you can tap to slow songs), choreograpy is good, but not different, not great. I'm a tapper, my son's a tapper, most of my family are dancers, dance is in our blood... and my pulse didn't accelerate in the least. Amanda, your cute, I can see why you won!

#4 great job!!
I love your solo! It's great that you are willing to share your unfinished piece. Great job, Amanda. I love to watch you dance.
#3 pretty darn good. =]
she's good. but definitely not the best tapper i've seen. but like she said, it's a work in progress. hopefully with time the rhythms will get better. but i did really like it. =]
#2 OMG!!!
I luv this dance!!! Amanda is one of the best tap dancers I've ever seen!! I saw her on the 2008 new issue of dance spirit mag. and I think sh'e amazing!!!!
#1 dance!!!
i liked it! thought the tapping got a little to loud, and a little out of beat at sometimes, but like amanda said, its the beginning of the piece. other than that, i thought it was an awesome and i loved all the turns!
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