Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2014

From January 24 to May 28

Enter to win a $15,000 production budget to go towards your very own show in NYC! This is a great opportunity for choreographers to expose their work to one of the most influential audiences in dance.

Visit: danceteachersummit.com/aceawards for rules and regulations. Representatives from Dance Teacher magazine and Capezio select and contact 15 Finalists that will be invited to NYC to compete during the Dance Teacher Summit.

The 2014 Dance Teacher Summit and ACE Awards contest will take place August 1st - 3rd at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Hope to see you there!

Our Masks
Our Masks By: damagedance Rated 4.8 909 Views
"Urban Tradition"
"Urban Tradition" By: gigidance Rated 2.3 417 Views
Lula By: Maggiesegale No votes 840 Views
Retrograde By: mwright18 Rated 1.0 685 Views
On My Way Home
On My Way Home By: agmarquez Rated 4.9 1,781 Views
"Chances" By: lenorrisa Rated 4.4 1,832 Views
5 By: jabby27 Rated 2.0 365 Views
Perpetuum Mobile
Perpetuum Mobile By: sschreibs Rated 2.2 601 Views
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