Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month

Be the first-ever winner of the Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month sponsored by Harlequin Dance Floors. Post your instructional video now! Any kind of dance instruction and any kind of dance — technique, combinations, classroom success, rehearsals… The video should be 3 – 8 minutes long. Be sure to include commentary about what you are demonstrating. The two winners of the May Dance Teacher Instructional Video of the Month will be announced on on June 30, 2008. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

Viewers Choice Winner!Hip-Hop with Luam
April 23, 2008 jpetz | Rated 4.4 | 17,173 Views
Luam, a choreographer and faculty member at NYC’s Broadway Dance Center, breaks down a hip-hop routine to “Cool Off.” Check out more from Luam at and get her class schedule at
Editors Choice Winner!The Step Touch with Dana Moore
April 23, 2008 jpetz | Rated 4.4 | 12,511 Views
Dana Moore, who teaches Theater Jazz at STEPS on Broadway in NYC, demonstrates a basic, Fosse-style step-touch.
Dance4teachers Demo/Reel
Dance4teachers Demo/Reel By: Anthony_LoC Rated 4.6 5,714 Views
The Step Touch with Dana Moore
The Step Touch with Dana Moore By: jpetz Rated 4.4 12,511 Views
On Anthony's Ipod Vol.2
On Anthony's Ipod Vol.2 By: Anthony_LoC Rated 5.0 4,187 Views
Anthony's Basic Tap reel
Anthony's Basic Tap reel By: Anthony_LoC Rated 5.0 5,716 Views
Hip-Hop with Luam
Hip-Hop with Luam By: jpetz Rated 4.4 17,173 Views
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