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Be this month’s winner of the Dance Magazine Video of the Month, sponsored by Harlequin Dance Floors. Post your dance videos now. There will be two winners every month — a Viewers Choice winner and an Editors Choice winner. It’s simple to enter. Share any and all kinds of dance. You can enter as many different videos as you would like. But please do not enter the same video for more than one contest. The two winners of the Dance Magazine Video of the Month will be announced on at the end of the month. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

Editors Choice Winner!On the outside looking in...
November 15, 2009 deblc5 | Rated 4.5 | 3,536 Views
Choreography and performance by Deborah Chambers
Off the rails
Off the rails By: DJSmartJr Rated 5.0 2,167 Views
Shadow Play
Shadow Play By: lojo Rated 4.7 3,054 Views
Kenitia in Dave Scott class
Kenitia in Dave Scott class By: smile531 Rated 4.2 3,338 Views
Medusa By: wagesparis No votes 2,079 Views
On the outside looking in...
On the outside looking in... By: deblc5 Rated 4.5 3,536 Views
ing part2
ing part2 By: jyrienne No votes 3,149 Views
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