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Be this month’s winner of the Dance Magazine Video of the Month, sponsored by Harlequin Dance Floors. Post your dance videos now. There will be two winners every month — a Viewers Choice winner and an Editors Choice winner. It’s simple to enter. Share any and all kinds of dance. You can enter as many different videos as you would like. But please do not enter the same video for more than one contest. The two winners of the Dance Magazine Video of the Month will be announced on at the end of the month. Enjoy and remember to vote for your favorites!

Contest Winners

Viewers Choice Winner!Money Makes the World Go 'Round!
August 3, 2011 wacdance27 | Rated 4.0 | 3,448 Views
Shannon Crites School of Dance Sr. Musical Theater Company performs their award winning routine from 2010-2011 Season. Dancers: Leah Read, Spencer Jordan, Anna Haas, Paige Kriet, Kelsey Newell and Kaitlin Moore Director: Shannon Crites Choreographer: Whitney Crites
Editors Choice Winner!Dune Dance
August 15, 2011 zbibler | Rated 1.0 | 2,446 Views
Filmed and danced at White Crest beach in Wellfleet, MA.
"Light Through The Branches
"Light Through The Branches By: anthonylouie Rated 5.0 2,732 Views
Goodbye My Lover
Goodbye My Lover By: tinyLGdancer Rated 3.0 2,550 Views
LE OLIMPIADI DELLA DANZA - Finale By: onlydance No votes 2,413 Views
B.A.R.E. By: TGatling No votes 2,736 Views
Dune Dance
Dune Dance By: zbibler Rated 1.0 2,446 Views
too many girls
too many girls By: rob No votes 2,173 Views
Money Makes the World Go 'Round!
Money Makes the World Go 'Round! By: wacdance27 Rated 4.0 3,448 Views
"Corner Of Your Heart"
"Corner Of Your Heart" By: anthonylouie Rated 3.0 2,890 Views
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